About Us

Halcyon Golf Travel specialise in planning, operating and hosting guests on luxury golf vacations to Great Britain & beyond. We're a small family business based in the heart of England and we're very proud of our nation's golf courses, we can't wait for you to come and see them for yourself!

We take pride in offering a personalised, dedicated service during the planning process and throughout the entirety of your vacation, so you can relax and make the most of what will undoubtedly be a trip of a lifetime. We offer the service of a personal guide who will look after you through every step of your vacation and take care of your group's every need, in most cases your guide will be a company director. Whether it be recommending a restaurant, fetching you something from the shop or showing you the local sights, we have it covered for you. All of our directors have also played golf at a national level or higher, so are very well equipped to help you with your golf game. 

If you book a trip with Halcyon, we aim to provide you with a truly unique itinerary that suits your budget and your party's needs. Our golf travel experts will be with you every step of the way to help create an unforgettable experience which will hopefully mark the beginning of lasting friendships.

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More than just a golf vacation...
We appreciate that for the majority of our clients their main reason for visiting Great Britain is to play its golf courses. After all we sell golf vacations, so no shocks there! 
We have also come to realise that what makes vacations memorable are the stories you take home with you. One of those stories might be how you got up & down from the Road bunker on the Old Course, or how you hit it further right than Jordan Speith on the 13th at Birkdale! However, in-between your rounds there will be many other moments that you will cherish and share with friends and family upon returning home.
What makes us different at Halcyon Golf Travel is our attention to detail towards all the moments in between your rounds of golf.  Great Britain has a lot else to offer and we're passionate about showing it off to all of our clients.
 We're constantly on the lookout for new exciting (or relaxing) things to do in between rounds of golf, trying new hotels and incorporating golf courses that are "off the beaten track" into itineraries, allowing us to create truly unique experiences that make for better stories!
We see all of our clients as individuals with different requirements, which is why we don't sell generic vacations. We know that a party of 8 guys are going to have a completely different experience to a party of 4 couples, who in turn will require a different itinerary to a group that has children or non-golfers in it. Our personalised approach to creating unique experiences allows us to cater for everyone no matter your age, experience or budget.
To top it all off, you will have a Halcyon Golf Travel company director at your personal disposal throughout the entirety of your vacation, allowing you to make the most of every second of your dream vacation.